February 9, 2012

New Job

 I REALLY like my new job and - knock on wood - it stays that way!  My first week at The Albany Damien Center is almost over and it has been the easiest transition into any job thus far.  This week I have been getting to know the members, attending programs held at the center, reading grants and policies and procedures and getting to know the staff and their role at the center.  I am really happy to be working in Albany as well.  The ADC boarders Washington Park and I have already gone on a couple of walks.

Washington Park

This week I have been reading A LOT of policies and procedures ...

And these are located in nearly every room of the ADC.  The ADC is apparently one of the largest condom distributor in the Capital Region - last year they passed out approximately 14,000 condoms!

Yesterday was a particularly good day!  After spending the morning reviewing some grants and getting to know some of the members I walked through Washington Park and down Lark Street to visit the thrift store that the ADC runs.  I wanted to check out their stock of professional clothes for when I need to dress the members for interviews - but anyone who knows me know that I LOVE thrift stores, so that was definitely a lot of fun.  I then came back to the Center and had a delicious lunch - oh did I mention that they feed me lunch everyday (and dinner if I stay late) prepared by a chef and approved by a dietician.  After lunch the massage therapist happened to be there (the ADC takes a very holistic approach to supporting their members) and all the members who wanted it had already been massaged so my supervisor asked if I would like to get one - YES!  I got a 45 minute deep tissue massage for free!  I also discovered the Veggie Mobile!  It was parked in front of the Section 8 housing near my office and the goal is to get poorer individuals to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables either with their EBT or otherwise.  Well - I thought the mobile was fabulous and I bought some fresh local organic broccoli and zucchini.  But the best part of the veggie mobile was the 'taste and talk'; they had a delicious fruit smoothy which I got to try and then right as I was leaving the guy handed me a bag full all the ingredients to make the smoothie and the recipe!!  I was SO excited!  

Later that night I set out to make an awesome stir fry with the veggies I got from the mobile and attempt to make the fruit smoothie since I had all the ingredients!
Now I know the smoothie looks more or less like lawn mower grass soup but I promise it was pretty good!  
The recipe is ...
1 cup fresh baby spinach
1 orange, diced
2 bananans
1 cup pineapple, diced
Blend together in a blender or food processor, place in the fridge for a little while then enjoy!

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