February 4, 2012

My Last Week at NPCS (In Pictures)

This was my last week at Northeast Parent & Child Society and I start my career at the Albany Damien Center on Monday.  It would have been an insanely busy week even if it wasn't my last; I put on a speed interviewing event that I had been planning for months, graduated three cycles of students and of course prepped for leaving.  

Here are some pictures of my week ...

My cube before 
(Pretty much looks like it exploded!)
 My cube after  
(Notice the push pin smiley face)

My departing gift to John
Go Giants!

Graduation Rehearsal Dinner at SCCC 
(Showcasing my decorating skills!)

My (former) co-workers catered a Panera lunch for me which was delicious!
They were also super generous and gave me gift cards to the Jean Paul Spa & Salon and the Different Drummer's Kitchen.  I am really excited to use the gift cards and especially peruse the kitchen store and possibly take a cooking class!  My coworkers also all signed a card which was really sweet (and made me cry) and some of my students gave me a necklaces.

Aside from the luncheon and gifts I also taught my last class with the YouthBuild Pathways groups - they did an excellent job at the speed interviewing event so I was sure to bake them my famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Last night we also held a graduation ceremony for three cycles of students.

John was the M.C. for the night and not only is he NPCS's Job Developer, he is also a comedian.  He took a lot of what we had learned from the students over the past year and put it into a bit.  Last week he even asked me how to phonetically spell 'Waka-Flocka'.  One thing the students always try to teach him is the art of 'Swag' which resulted in a (fake) tattoo and an on stage salsa swag dance.

John (and other staff)
And the "tattoo"

After the graduation we all headed over to Dave's (my former supervisor's house) for the after party.  It was great to get together with all of my coworkers and say 'goodbye' in a fun and less formal setting.  Tonight Dave and his wife Rowie are taking me out to a vegetarian Italian restaurant in Clifton Park which should be a lot of fun!

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