January 7, 2013

I'm Obsessed

With my new spin shoes!!  I have been spinning for years and fell in love with it the summer after I graduated college.  I was done with throwing and weight lifting and was looking for a great cardio workout that wasn't always running.  So one day I tried a spin class on a whim and was absolutely HOOKED! 

I typically take one to two spin classes a week at Gold's Gym and then probably another one to two times a week I workout on the spin bikes at the YMCA (they have spin bikes on the cardio floor - which is pretty rare).  I have also spun for charity in the past and plan on doing the 'Pedaling Toward a Pink Cure' event again in March.  So all in all I LOVE spinning! 

Over the years I started to notice that everyone who was a pretty serious spinner or spun multiple times a week used cycling shoes, but I never thought to buy a pair because you can spin in regular running shoes and they just seemed somewhat uneccessary.  As I started to sping more and more and become more serious about it I began to really want a pair, but again I didn't buy them - they were just the type of thing that I wanted but  would never buy for myself.

Then came Christmas!  I had mentioned to Adam (probably multiple times) that I wanted spinning shoes and one day I even showed him a pair at EMS.  Well, all my mentioning paid off and when we celebrated our Christmas I was given a brand new shiney pair of spinning shoes!  They are Pearl Izumi Cycling shoes and they are absoluetly fabulous!  We got universal clips put on them two weekends ago and I have been spinning ever since!  I never thought cycling shoes would make much of a different but I was totally wrong - they make all the difference in the world!  With spinning shoes you can more easily pull up on the bike and make fuller rotations, your legs work harder because less of your foot is 'on' the pedal, they make the overall ride ten times smoother and it may sound corny but you just become one with the bike!  Either way - I am totally hooked and will never go back to spinning without them.

Awesome new spinning shoes!

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