May 22, 2013

Hark Upon the Gale (William & Mary, Part II)

This post may as well be called 'A Post Dedicated to My Bootch'.  My bootch is Dana - my best friend.  You may be asking yourself 'uhhh why do you call her bootch'; well we have been friends since fourth grade, pretty much grew up together and we learned to curse together.  At one point we started calling each other 'bitch' - in the best friend sense of course.  My mother, however was having none of it, especially since I had two younger sisters.  So we started calling each other 'bootch' and it stuck.  One day we may have children and they may call us 'Aunt Bootch' - haha probably not, but you get the point.
So anyway, Dana graduated with her Master's in Public Policy (with a focus on environmental policy) from the College of William & Mary - my alma mater.  You can read all about my William & Mary nostalgia here!  Throughout the weekend I attended both her departmental graduation and the school wide graduation.  We also went out, spent some time in Colonial Williamsburg and ate a lot of good food!  It was great to spend some quality time with my bootch and her finance Charlie.
The Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy
The College of William & Mary
May 11, 2013
The list of graduates!

Getting her 'diploma'!
(It was just a rolled up piece of paper - she would get the real thing (which is in latin btw) later)

Pretty proud of my picture taking abilities right here!
Post graduation ceremonies there were lots of pictures, cookies and then a walk down to Colonial Williamsburg to take some pictures!  Here we have a series of pictures in which we attempt to get a good one of the three of us together.
Take One
"Dude, you arm!"

Take Two
"Dana and her crazy eyes"

Take Three
"There we go!"

William & Mary cookies post graduation ceremony! 
Saddly they looked a lot better than they tasted.
Pictures with TJ! 
At the Thomas Jefferson statue on Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg!

Dana and TJ!

I took the exact same picture of Dana about five years ago - so clearly we had to take another one!

Speakers at the College wide graduation ceremony included FBI Director Robert Mueller and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates (W&M alum and current chancellor of the College).  It was interesting to listen to all the speeches throughout the weekend.  Normally graduation speeches are full of 'go forth and do whatever you like', 'change the world' and 'you can do anything' - but these weren't.  The major theme of all of the speeches was 'you may not know what you are going to do, and that's okay' or 'you may not get your ideal job right off the bat, it's important to work toward your dreams'.  The speeches were definitely a sign of the times and it was interesting to see the transition from my graduation ceremony four years ago to today.

Sitting in the 'nose-bleeds' at the College wide graduation ceremony!
Overall the weekend was great!  It was a ton of fun and I loved seeing my friends - we don't get together nearly enough.  Who knows when my next trip to William & Mary will be or when I will see Dana and Charlie again so I tried to enjoy ever minute!

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