May 9, 2013

Hiking Lye Brook Falls - Manchester, VT

This past weekend was gorgeous - about 75 and sunny all weekend!  From the second we heard it was supposed to be nice we decided that we needed to go for a hike!  We had planned on doing a longer hike just outside of Bennington, VT which would have taken most of the day but due to a field hockey tournament we decided to hike a shorter trail in  Manchester, VT.  I'm sure you've heard me mention it before but I absolutely LOVE Vermont!  (Seriously, if I won the lottery, after I paid off all my bills, student loans and took a trip or two my next purchase would more than likely be a cabin in Vermont.)  It is beautiful and it seems like every time I cross the boarder into VT I instantly become happier!  Manchester is no exception - it is pretty picturesque. 
We decided to hike the Lye Brook Trail which is located just a couple of miles outside of Manchester.  The trail was only 4.6 miles round trip and didn't have a ton of elevation but it did end at a pretty awesome waterfall!  The Lye Brook Trail is located in the Green Mountains and this was also our first hike into the Greens! 
Start of the hike - there were two trails, we chose the shorter of the two, but still a pretty decent hike!

There were many signs warning us that we were entering the 'Lye Brook Wilderness'!
This is looking straight up and the next picture straight down, I had to be careful not to change my view too quickly or I would get dizzy.  The steepness was insane, it looked like someone had clear cut the area or that a mudslide had taken place; turned out it was damage done by Hurricane Irene - which happened almost two years ago!

Looking down the mountain at damage done by Hurricane Irene.

Waterfall!  It is difficult to tell from the picture but this was a HUGE waterfall and very rocky.  The water was not rushing like it was at the Rainbow Falls - but there was a good steady stream, and the actual falls snaked up and around the mountain.  This picture is pretty much looking straight up at the falls.

Portion of the falls that ended in a little brook.
Adam in front of the (Green) mountain opposite the fall.

My hiking posse in front of the waterfall!

'Selfy' (that's what the kids call them these days - right?) in front of Lye Brook Falls!
I'm excited to hike the Green Mountains more this summer and fall ... and potentially one day own a cabin in the woods of Vermont (a girl can dream can't she?).

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