May 30, 2013

Summer Fun

I am looking forward to the summer!  Even though summer is not quite here yet it is supposed to be in the upper 80s and 90s the rest of this week and this weekend; which means it is going to be HOT for the Freihofer's Run for Women!  Since summer is fast approaching I figure I should write about our plans!  I am planning a couple of run things, a few trips but nothing too major.  We are striving for a frugal summer and I am focused on saving for some exciting things in the future!  But savings doesn't mean that a girl will give up her vacation - so here's what we're planning!
We are headed to Hampton, New Hampshire in late June for a long (5 day) weekend!  Where we are staying is only 1/2 mile from the beach and I couldn't be more excited!  I love the beach, growing up my family spent at least a week at the beach every summer, but since moving to Albany I haven't been to the beach in a while - so this was the perfect opportunity!  Hampton is also located about 45 minutes from the White Mountains and we are planning to hike one day.  So this will be the perfect little get away - beach time and hiking, the best of both worlds!  What is even better is that I got a great deal on the place we are staying.  We are staying at The Victoria Inn, which has been reviewed as a great little bed and breakfast.  (I have never stayed at a B&B before so I am also pretty excited about that.)  Oddly enough I found the deal on Living Social Escapes; normally I just look at those deals and drool because they are either for exotic locations or week long getaways to resorts, but this deal offered two nights at the The Victoria Inn with a private room, two bottles of wine and a vineyard tour for an amazing price!  I was SOLD!
So anyway, not soon after that it will be the 4th of July and as of now I have two options for the 4th - I will either be running the Saratoga Firecracker 4 Miler for the second time (in my opinion last year's race was not that well organized so I am hesitant to completely commit again) or we will be heading to Boston to watch the Red Sox play.  Either way it should be a run 4th, and since the 4th falls on a Thursday I decided to take off that Friday to make it a 4 day weekend.
In later July I will be in Washington D.C for the National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference and we decided to take advantage of that and extend the trip.  The conference runs Sunday - Wednesday and Adam will be coming down that Thursday.  We will be staying with some of his family for a couple of days and doing all the fun things DC has to offer!  Even though I have been to all the monuments numerous times, I still can't wait to go back and visit.  After that we will head up to Baltimore, MD to meet up with my parents and go to the Orioles/Red Sox game that Saturday.  I am pretty excited about the game, as a kid my father had season tickets to the Orioles and it seemed liked we would go every Sunday - but it's been a while since I've been to 'the Yard'.
As of now we have no plans for August but I am hoping something will develop.  Work this summer will be VERY light as far as travel is concerned; I will travel to NYC in mid-June and then I will be attending the conference in July but those are about the only trips I have on the books so far.  It'll be nice to be in the office for a while because come September, I will pretty much be gone the entire month!  Aside from those few trips we are also planning a bunch of hikes, hopefully heading up to Burlington, VT for a long weekend and a couple of day trips around the area.  All in all it should be a fun summer and I am looking forward to what we have planned!
Bring on summer!

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