January 30, 2012

New Beginnings?

I had a hands down fabulous weekend!  And in many ways I think that it may be the start of many good things to come.

Friday night was GREAT!  Saturday I went out to an Indian restaurant with some of my girlfriends and then we went out to one of my favorite bars in Troy - Footsy Magoos.  And then Sunday was also GREAT!

Here's a little snap shot of my Indian dinner 
(I do not normally like or eat Indian food but this place was actually pretty good)

This week is also my last week of work and it is SUPER busy!  I am going to a training all day Wednesday, I am putting on a speed interviewing event that I have been planning for months on Thursday, YouthBuild graduation rehearsal is also Thursday night and then YouthBuild graduation is Friday.  Luckily my boss will be hosting everyone at his house after graduation for some drinks and relaxation.

A few things that I have realized that I will miss when I leave NPCS (there are MANY but I took a picture of two today) ... 

John and Steve bringing me their coupon inserts every Monday morning.
And co-workers who think of things like this ...
(The 'ZING OF THE DAY' trophy is passed around the office to the person who has the best daily zinger - typically this occurs at lunch.)

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