January 11, 2012

So I'm Training for a Half Marathon . . .

 I believe I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to run a half marathon - well it's happening.  March 24th in New York City!  I began my training at the end of November (2011) and I am on a 17 week training plan.  I know that may seem long and it is (typically training plans run about 12 weeks) but since I trained through the holidays I incorporated in some 'repeat' weeks and also repeated some weeks where the mileage was upped or when I knew I would be traveling.  This program is whipping me into shape, so apart of me wants to keep it going as long as possible!  Anyone to knows me knows that I work best with a schedule so between the half marathon training and keeping  track of my calorie intake through the 'My Fitness Pal' app on my iPhone I have been increasing my level of fitness and losing weight!

So for all of you who are/were wondering, here is my training plan!
 It's pretty self explanatory but I typically spin three mornings a week at my gym, run three days a week and take yoga at least two and sometimes three times a week.  (Many programs incorporate a 'strength' element or 'lifting' days into half marathon training but since my back is completely averse to lifting now-a-days I do hot yoga as my strength component!)  My yoga days may vary depending on work, grad school classes or if I have something to do that night, but everything else is pretty set in stone. 

And yes - if/when I complete this race I will be one of those people who has a '13.1' magnet on my car.  I mean come on - I used to be a power lifting hammer thrower who couldn't run a mile without passing out - this would be quite the accomplishment. 
Fingers crossed!! 

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